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Building your PC - how much did you spend?


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Hey there, most of us build our PCs from 0, comparing prizes, architectures (AMD or Intel), thinking about airflows.. RGBs? 


What are your priorities when building your battlestation? 


I consider CPU and GPU, currently i'm with a Ryzen 7 5800x paired with a RTX 3080 ti. I bought it during the COVID shutdown and you can imagine how much money i spent.. 

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My last build cost me right around $1100, it wasn't bleeding edge or top of the range tech, it was made of good components that were about two generations old, so affordable and yet still perfectly fine for my needs. 

As for what I consider to be my priorities, it's definitely CPU and GPU.  I went team red with my current build, but I don't deny I'm considering Intel for my next one...if it happens.  I'm sort of a sucker for Nvidia GPUs, too, but AMD does have some tempting GPUs on the market!


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I didn’t build my PC. Building a computer confuses the crap out of me so I’d much rather buy pre built devices, it’s just easier and less could go wrong. I have however built a raspberry pi a few years back

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