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  1. I’ve gone through a few hairstyles. However I’m already thinning on top (growing older) as a guy, so growing long hair could prove some challenges, if I was going to do something different. Could always be worth a try, to get past the awkward stage 😆
  2. Both have their drawbacks, but I’d probably opt for a Laptop. Why? Portability. A desktop cannot be unplugged and taken on the move with you while a Laptop can. Makes it easier for me considering my circumstances
  3. My preferred browser is Brave. Brave runs on Chrome and automatically blocks any advertisements. On my mobile I’ll always use Safari as it’s the default.
  4. I have a car mount and a motorcycle phone mount. It’s important to have something mounted you can look at directions without having to hold the device in your hand. Holding the phone in your hands could also give the wrong impression to law enforcement
  5. I use iOS. While I enjoy using android operating systems as you can download external apps, Apple is much more secure and safer to use. It’s expensive compared to its counter party, but offers great features.
  6. I would say too far would be when we see robots controlling humans or even having an influence on how we behave around them. That’s when we’ve got to be concerned. Until then, enjoy tech evolve.
  7. Interesting subject to bring up! It’s a possibility. What’s more of a question is whether our dreams at night is reality and our reality is our dreams. We will never know!
  8. I wouldn’t say I’m having an addiction to the internet but it is indeed a huge part of my life style. I use it for everything. Ranging from shopping, to entertainment purposes; it’s where most of my leisure time is spent.
  9. I only have one monitor for my desktop that’s set up on my table at home. Unless you need to use multiple tabs at one time, it’s pointless having multiple monitors. I see why people do have though
  10. I usually access the internet through my mobile phone. If I’m not accessing it this way, I’ll be accessing through my Laptop or by a public computer. Usually browse social media, check forums, manage my website / YouTube, and catch up on emails is what I get up to.
  11. My preferred device is my iPhone 14 Pro Max. It’s a lot easier to use than an Laptop, and a lot more user friendly to quickly write a email than type up one on a laptop for example. But really, each device has their own drawbacks.
  12. Yes, if you use technology in an excessive manner possibly. Another way it can effect you is from cyber bullying or harassment from others. This is where mental health issues start to set in unfortunately. People don’t realise their actions have consequences for the other person
  13. I don’t think computers will ever replace teachers. This is because you will still need to demonstrate your willingness to learn and ability to retain information. Otherwise there’s no point in existing if AI can do everything for you
  14. I didn’t build my PC. Building a computer confuses the crap out of me so I’d much rather buy pre built devices, it’s just easier and less could go wrong. I have however built a raspberry pi a few years back
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