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Change your hairstyle


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If you could change your hair for one day, and after that, it would go back to normal, what hairstyle would you have?






I'd do a bright neon green mohawk 😃

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I’ve gone through a few hairstyles. However I’m already thinning on top (growing older) as a guy, so growing long hair could prove some challenges, if I was going to do something different. Could always be worth a try, to get past the awkward stage 😆 

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If I could change my hairstyle for a day, I would probably cut it short and dye it black to see how it would look. 

I'm not one for cutting my hair short as I regret it straight after, and wouldn't dye my hair black as I would regret that too. But I would gladly do it if I got my natural hair back the next day. 

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