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Your favourite genre of music?


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We all have our favourite kind of music that we love to listen to. Some of us may have some obscure genres that we enjoy whereas others may not be able to tolerate another genre that others do. 

My favourite genres of music would have to be Country, KPOP and some Rock music. The only genres I really can not tolerate are heavy metal and heavy rock. 

What are your favourite genres of music? 

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I grew up a metalhead and I still love it, but I also really enjoy alternative, classic rock, hard rock, prog rock, some classical and some punk.


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My favourite genre of music is K-Pop as the majority of the songs have meaning behind them but they always make them upbeat so it's something you can vibe and dance to. 

My favourite band in K-Pop is BTS as they are the band that got me listening to K-Pop and listening to other singers in that genre. 

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