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Do You Think Microsoft Are Getting Out of the Console Game?


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It's no secret that Microsoft have been buying up studios like crazy, big studious with massive libraries and an incredible amount of IPs to work with.  Many think this is to try and corner the console market, forcing more and more people to purchase an Xbox, but my theory is slightly different. 

To me it seems as though Microsoft are making the move to try and back out of the console game completely.  They already make Windows, the single most utilized operating system on the planet, and they don't have hardware overhead of churning out PCs, so why not also do the same with Xbox, and turn it into a Steam-like platform.  Xbox-As-A-Service.  An app on your PC, an app on your PlayStation, an App on your Nintendo console.  It makes sense.  Financially they drop the overhead of console manufacturing, and while the Xbox is essentially just a PC anyway, it seems like a very minor switch to take them from an easy Xbox app with some available streaming games to a full Xbox Experience on any system.  Profitability goes through the roof, overheads go down and those studios they're snapping up automatically gain the largest distribution platform available.  It's a win-win for Microsoft and it's what I think they're heading towards.

What do you think?  Are Microsoft done with consoles?


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