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Group Developes Tool to Unlock IronKey USB That Holds $235million in Bitcoin...Owner Says No.

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The group, known as Unciphered, has developed a tool specifically aimed at cracking this 2011 USB stick, which they have successfully done with other IronKey devices with a solid rate of success.  The owner of the IronKey in question, Stefan Thomas, however, has declined to accept their services to unlock his 9-figure treasure chest, having contracted with two other groups and promising them a specific percentage should they be able to crack the device.  It has been over a year since contracting with these groups with no sign of success, while Unciphered have a proven tool to crack the device.  Thomas wishes to give the two teams more time to try and crack the device before accepting the help of a third group, in spite of the promising results. 

What are your thoughts on turning away what is almost certainly the answer to his missing fortune?  Is it a smart idea to give the two other teams more time when there is a working tool he could use right now to unlock his 7,002 bitcoins?  What would you give to unlock a literal 9-figure payday?

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Pretty sure if I owned even a single Bitcoin locked on a drive and I'd be doing everything I could to get it unlocked and cash in!  Why he wouldn't accept the help is beyond me!


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