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You all time favourite console


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What is your all time favourite gaming console?

For me it's the Sega Saturn.  People usually question that, but I had so much fun with the Saturn growing up, it was fantastic!!  I love the NES, the SNES, the Master System, the Mega Drive, the N64 and so on, but the Saturn had me completely hooked.


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I would have to say that my all-time favourite console is for sure the Sega Master System with the Super Nintendo being a very close second. I kicked off my video game hobby on the Sega Master System and have a lot of fond memories of playing and completing Alex the Kidd with my cousin back then. 

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My favorite console would be.. GameBoy Color, followed by Super Nintendo. Why? it was the first console that i owned. I had to share the SNES with my older brother and he didn't let me play most of the times.. so i had to play on my little GBC. 

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